Hothur Foundation

''Service to Mankind is Service to God"  is the motto of the trust that has been the driving force to establish  “Hothur Foundation”. It is a social welfare organization striving for the upliftment of the poor, downtrodden and under privileged in the society irrespective of caste, creed or religion. 

The foundation was set up with the mission of improving the conditions of most suppressed sections including women, children, disabled, aged and other disadvantaged groups.'' No individual should be deprived of their basic needs'' is the belief on the base of which  the organization works on providing these groups with educational training, health protection schemes and environment, improving their living conditions, and strengthening their family and community. 

Hothur Shadab Wahab has been actively involved with Social Service and is  the  Trustee of Hothur Foundation. The Hothur Foundation commenced during 2011 in Bangalore, with the objective of conducting check up and surgery camps for eyes, heart etc., to help Orphanage Children and providing scholarships to the needy & poor Students for their studies/higher studies and also providing material and help at the time of floods, natural calamities, disasters etc. Considering the objectives, trust is actively involved in various programmes in Bangalore. Some of which are: 

  • Blood camp organized in co-ordination with Lions Clubs, Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Vasantnagar, Bangalore during the year 2013. 
  • Association given to Little Sisters of poor, home for the aged and novitiate, Bangalore. 
  • Association given to Ashraya Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Center, R.T.Nagar, Bangalore. 
  • Association given to Holy family Home for the Aged, Bangalore. 
  • Adoption of Animals from Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Government of Karnataka, Mysore. 
  • Association given for Medical and Education during 2012. 
  • Associated Ambulance to Islami Baitulmal[R], Chickmagalur, to enable them to utilize the same for poor and needy people in that area during 2012.
  • Women’s Self-Employment Training Programme for 3 months organized in co-ordination with Amarjyothi Tarabeti Sanste ®, Yelaburga - 2014. Distribution of Certificates to the candidates on successfully completion of Training at Papinayakanahalli Village of 90 Vijayanagar Assembly Constituency, Hospet, Bellary District.

Hothur Foundation has expanded its activities in Hospet with its office inaugurated in the year 2013. Following programmes were organized: 

  • Eye camp was organized for poor and needy people and surgery was conducted for various people in co-ordination with Hospet Rotary Club, in the year 2013 
  • Hothur Foundation also has sponsored and organized Sports / Kusti Pandyavali at Hospet to encourage rural areas of 90-Vijayanagar Assembly Constituency, Hospet during 2013. 

Hothur Shadab Wahab not only takes care of activities of the Foundation as Trustee, but also ensures to improve the living conditions of poor, to educate them and enable them to stand on their own with self-respect in the society and make them to lead a life in a good atmosphere. 

Notable services by the Hothur Foundation


Hothur Foundation has always been inclined towards augmenting the growth of children in our society. The foundation believes that children are the foundation of the future society and is working constantly towards providing them the much needed strong base of infrastructure in many villages around Bellary.

Hothur Foundation also has worked towards making the underprivileged kids financially secure by providing them with fees and study materials.

Bus Shelters in Bellary 

Recognizing the need for people in Bellary to commute through buses more comfortably, the Foundation has built several Bus Shelters at Bellary to avoid the scorching sun and rain. 

Distribution of Food Grains and Clothing 

Time and again, Hothur Foundation has distributed food grains to the local villagers in need of aid. This includes rice, wheat, flour, cereals, cooking oil, etc, Apart from this, even clothes have been distributed by the Foundation on several occasions in the honest attempt to bring upon a smile even in times of despair. 

Marital and Maternity Assistance 

Hothur Foundation has helped set-up lot of families by financially assisting marriages for the underprivileged. Marriage which was a never possible dream for many was made come true through this noble act by the trust.

Also, the Foundation has helped young mothers with their maternity needs by assisting and arranging the medical facilities and financial needs to ensure pre-natal as well as post-natal care, thereby safeguarding health of the mother and child. 

Prioritizing Society 

The Trustees and CEO of Hothur Foundation have devised a number of schemes and programs in accordance with the Foundation's aims and objectives. After a detailed research and analysis, few activities were outlined. 

Educational Support Services 

Ensuring good education to each child is one of the primary goals of the Foundation. In a diverse state as ours, negligence is unavoidable. We have taken up the task of aiding education of all those children who cannot afford it. The Foundation  financially assists, supports and maintains schools for all the children in need, especially the children of convicts, lepers, sex-workers, migrant workers, HIV positive parents, children with disabilities, orphans and drop-outs. 

Medical Aid 

In its bid to eliminate chronic and other diseases from villages, the foundation assists in mobilizing medical units to visit various villages/residential areas along with medical practitioners, to attend to patients with such diseases. Apart from making people aware, the Foundation  also supports and maintains maternity nursing homes for the needy. Also in the pipeline is the setting-up of pediatric centers to attend to children suffering from contagious diseases. 


The Foundation acknowledges clothing as one of the basic requirements in a society. Thus we assist in mobilizing funds/clothing to the under-privileged especially in winters. 


To avoid young girls being forced into marriages due to financial burden and other causes, the Foundation arranges and assists to educate the parents and the girls. It helps in conducting mass marriages. the Foundation also provides assistance to set up the married family life for the young couples. 


To ensure proper pre and post maternity care, the trust helps, assists, and arranges to extend medical care by setting-up maternity homes. This is specially designed for women using conventional unhygienic methods or practices. 

Setting-up of Various Institutions 

In order to provide a firm roof above every one's head, Hothur Foundation endeavors to set-up, grant aid, and maintain institutions for orphanages, destitute women, lunatic asylums, rehabilitation centers, correction homes for juveniles, etc. We aim to have in our social purview, all the sections of the society are need of help. 

Knowledge Centers 

To educate the people to live a better life with regard to hygiene and social togetherness, the Foundation also organizes savings, facilities available through Govt. sources, banks, financial institutes etc. It also helps in setting up knowledge enrichment centers, with periodic lectures from professional speakers/teachers drawn from different fields. 


The Foundation identifies villages/places which are not connected by proper roads, hospitals, reading centers etc and assists in approaching the concerned authorities through the local governing bodies of panchayat in arranging for the same. 


Hothur Foundation is happy and privileged to be associated  with other like-minded renowned Associations/Institutions to serve the needy. Following are some of such associations: 

Smile Foundation 

Through Smile Foundation, Hothur Foundation has sponsored children, by empowering them with good education, healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes. 

Save the Children 

An international organization, Save the Children, has 12 branches in India. Their main aim being educating children, providing immunization, releasing children from bonded labour and saving them from natural calamities, it is only natural for Hothur Foundation to associate with them. By financially assisting maintenance of children every year, the foundation has helped a lot of children through Save Children. 

Wildlife Protection 

In another bid to upwardly mobile the social cause, Hothur Foundation has been adopting a number of animals at the Mysore Zoo. the foundation is Keen on conservation of  the natural ecosystem and the trust ensures the maintenance and growth of a large number of fauna.

  • The foundation has the foresight to see that help is needed not only in Karnataka but also in neighboring states, Pan India and other neighboring countries and the Foundation is trying to expand its establishments worldwide to accomplish the related tasks during calamities and other disasters. 
  • With a view to enhance its activities to reach all the needy people in and around Karnataka and the neighboring states, the Foundation extends invitation to all such like minded Charitable Trusts, Corporate bodies and also philanthropic minded elites, to pool together to serve the people. 
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