HSW father is always  his inspiration and motivator. His father has been a driving force in his life and the greatest leader. He believes that good Leaders are not born but made .DESIRE and WILLPOWER are the two basic pillars of an effective leadership. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. His father had inspired him and trained him  to strive for the best in life through his perseverance, strength and willpower. 

HSW says – 

''Our fathers create individuals with good brands every single day. They are the largest personal branding university for the graduating class of the brand called YOU. I will share my secret recipe of success with you here which consists of values,  my father added to my personality and my profession which has created my personal brand that i use now'': 

Passion:  My father Abdul Wahab was passionate about helping every person he knew.

Consensus:  My father always made it a point to consult his family, relatives, and friends with every decision he made. He always looked for a consensus to move on, and he made it a point to study and analyze everybody's point of view and reviewed the strengths and weaknesses before coming up with the final  decision. 

Honesty:  My father taught me the valuable lesson of being faithful and honest which are the base materials for a successfull individual. 

Energetic: My father started his day early with morning prayers which filled in him the right amount of enthusiasm and power and energy. His energy continues to inspire me to try out and explore new things, meet good friends, and play hard in sports. 

Patience:  Patience was my father's biggest brand attribute. That took care of all the negative elements waiting to take a plunge on him and patience was the sole route took by him in the path of success. It took him days, months, and years, while he listened silently to his truth and honesty before taking his dreams into the path of action. He never lost hope. I tend to look into all the challenges I face in the hopeful perspective of my father in deep patience and I strongly believe that is keeping my fight and identity alive and unique.

Faith:   I got the greatest gift ever from my father which is the toughest thing to get from anybody and that was faith. He trusted me. Ultimately, that's the secret power of my personal brand – my father's faith in me.

My father is my inspiration forever …………… 

The top fundamentals of life taught by my father to me whom I believe is an institution by himself are nothing but the precious reflections of a successful  individual.

  1. Success has no shortcuts.. 
  2. Hard work, honesty & dedication is the key. 
  3. Philanthropy should be one's philosophy and way of life.
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